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Dead Air

WKRP in Cincinnati meets The Office. A small town radio station full of big city egos.

Peterborough, ON
6.86 (309)

Week #1 Show Teaser Dead Air

Jay Sharp, Megan Murphy and Linda Kash pitch their Comedy Coup idea from the set of their sitcom pilot.

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Small town radio. The bottom rung of the show business ladder. The last chance for celebrity hopefuls to carve out a piece of spotlight real estate for themselves.
Mike Street is one such celebrity. A middle aged morning show host at “The Lizard 90.3”. Mike had big dreams of making it to a major radio market but grew to enjoy the attention of being “The Morning Mayor” in his hometown. Dead Air follows the perks and pitfalls of being a small town celebrity. And all the social discomforts it brings.


Jay Sharp's Profile Image

Jay Sharp

Writer, Producer

Jay Sharp has been a morning radio personality in the Kawarthas and Northumberland for the past 20 years. He is currently behind the mic at 107.9 The Breeze during the early morning hours. The peak and subsequent sad decline of his career provides the inspiration behind the tales of Dead Air.

And he's okay with that.

Megan Murphy's Profile Image

Megan Murphy

Talent, Producer

Megan graduated with a BFA in Theatre Performance from York University. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory & the Documentary Film Institute at Seneca College. Her short film, Shelf Life, premiered at the ReFrame International Film Festival in 2013. You can hear Megan weekdays as one half of two morning shows on Star 93.3 & 107.9 The Breeze.

Linda Kash's Profile Image

Linda Kash

Director, Talent

Linda Kash began her professional life at the Second City in Toronto and has been a guest on Seinfeld, Third Rock From The Sun, Monk, Cybill, Everybody Loves Raymond, Ellen and Sabrina.

Linda is primarily known as Canada's beloved Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Angel. Her greatest production to date are her 3 beloved children.

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  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 6 years ago

    I liked what you did to #FlipIt up this week, horror with a bit of funny, still one of the best radio voices I've heard, sorry you guys didn't make the cut though i liked the stuff you guys had done
  • Sue's Photo

    Sue S.
    posted 6 years ago

    So funny! Love the uncomfortable awkward moments!!!
  • Jenna's Photo

    Jenna F.
    posted 6 years ago

    teaser made me laugh!
  • jill's Photo

    jill w.
    posted 6 years ago

    Funny. Legs. Long CBC Shelflife
  • rachael's Photo

    rachael g.
    posted 6 years ago

    This is really funny! Great acting! :)
  • Pyper's Photo

    Pyper L.
    posted 6 years ago

    Courageous teaser clip. Good set up.
  • Paul's Photo

    Paul C.
    posted 7 years ago

    This looks like it could be done well. Would have liked to have seen more of what the show would really look like in an actual episode in the teaser though.
  • karen's Photo

    karen r.
    posted 7 years ago

    Awesome !!
  • Wyatt's Photo

    Wyatt L.
    posted 7 years ago

    A great couple of gals here! Funny!
  • Lauren's Photo

    Lauren M.
    posted 7 years ago

    Can't wait to watch this on TV.. you rock Megan!
  • derek's Photo

    derek l.
    posted 7 years ago

    I'm a fan. I'm green lighting this shit! Lol
    Each snippet you guys do, just gets better. A sign of a great show!
  • Jen's Photo

    Jen L.
    posted 7 years ago

    Great idea for a new show. Love it!
  • Dave's Photo

    Dave B.
    posted 7 years ago

    love it
  • Jessica's Photo

    Jessica M.
    posted 7 years ago

    I grew up hearing these stories. I know it's going to be hilarious.
  • Colleen's Photo

    Colleen C.
    posted 7 years ago

    I listen to the producers of this show on Morning radio. They make me laugh. A lot of bad humour, dirty jokes, but entertains a devilish audience. Cheers.
  • Joel's Photo

    Joel A.
    posted 7 years ago

    Fuck yeah!
  • Linda's Photo

    Linda O.
    posted 7 years ago

    love their humour
  • connie's Photo

    connie p.
    posted 7 years ago

    Love the "dead air"
  • Jim's Photo

    Jim F.
    posted 7 years ago

    Awesome concept!!!!
  • Shaun's Photo

    Shaun S.
    posted 7 years ago

    Love this project!
  • Jack's Photo

    Jack K.
    posted 7 years ago

    Very good
  • Forman's Photo

    Forman H.
    posted 7 years ago

    I really liked premise but there was no follow through.
  • alberta's Photo

    alberta b.
    posted 7 years ago

    i love small town canadian radio. best if luck. great premise and an opportunity to showcase canadian bands :)
  • Lisa's Photo

    Lisa H.
    posted 7 years ago

    love love love !!!
  • Vince's Photo

    Vince T.
    posted 7 years ago

    "It's more like British comedy, but with better teeth." Hahahaha, love this! I can't wait to hear more about the whole fleet of casting couches! :-)
  • Robert's Photo

    Robert C.
    posted 7 years ago

    "Like British comedy, but with better teeth". Like it. Personally love the subtle, slow burn humour. Their is a lot to be mined in this. Good luck.
  • Dylan's Photo

    Dylan M.
    posted 7 years ago

    That radio voice.... sooo smooth
  • Joseph's Photo

    Joseph R.
    posted 7 years ago

    So far I love it, and I'm not usually much for the edgy, slapstick stuff. Would really like to see more character development, to see how this could have legs as a multiple season series.
  • Kate's Photo

    Kate S.
    posted 7 years ago

    Funny differentiator video :)
  • Barnabas's Photo

    Barnabas W.
    posted 7 years ago

    These cats are the bees knees. I want to watch this show every night while I eat my mushy paste meals. I want to breathe their Dead Air!
  • Jason's Photo

    Jason D.
    posted 7 years ago

    Baby, if you ever wondered - wondered whatever became of me... love it!
  • eric's Photo

    eric h.
    posted 7 years ago

    Funny. Love the improv style mixed with clever script.
    Hope to see it soon!
  • Bella's Photo

    Bella G.
    posted 7 years ago

    consider me teased!
  • Scott's Photo

    Scott P.
    posted 7 years ago

    MMMMM.... Megan Murphy
    Mmmmm..... Cream Cheese
    ACCCKKK..... Jay Sharp

    Love the concept. Looking forward to future clips and an eventual show!
  • Michelle's Photo

    Michelle M.
    posted 7 years ago

    The anticipation ...oh the anticipation...3 fabulous talents working together...its going to be awesome!
  • john's Photo

    john e.
    posted 7 years ago

    Very funny stuff. As a morning show host in a small town, I agree with this team that lifting the viel on what's behind the microphones is ripe for some laughs. I'm enjoying this teams playful dance with over the top crazy underscored with a dead pan wit.
  • Sarah Thomas's Photo

    Sarah Thomas M.
    posted 7 years ago

    laughed outloud !
  • Daniel's Photo

    Daniel S.
    posted 7 years ago

    Great, great stuff. Meagan, you combine sexy with scary.
  • Rob's Photo

    Rob S.
    posted 7 years ago

    Great voice. WKRP as mockumentary??
  • Christopher's Photo

    Christopher D.
    posted 7 years ago

    I hope you can work in a subversive, college radio station into your concept. If you can. . .be sure to get some stories from the Foog. I can PM you his real name. My favorite is sitting outside Trent Radio in a lawn chair doing drunk students on the street interviews at 3am. . .
  • diane's Photo

    diane n.
    posted 7 years ago

    I liked Meghan. She's quite funny. I'd like to see more of her and the rest of the team.
  • Trevor's Photo

    Trevor B.
    posted 7 years ago

    Smart, clean and simple. I love the radio only intro and the unnerving affect of 15 seconds of true dead air. Good luck.
    Did I mention funny.
    I'm calling' this one.
  • Dianne's Photo

    Dianne B.
    posted 7 years ago

    Love the awkward silence and dead pan support:) There is nothing more entertaining than laughing at everyday life! Can't wait to see what is next!
  • mark's Photo

    mark h.
    posted 7 years ago

    It made me laugh and I'm not just saying that because I have a gun to my head.
  • Janet's Photo

    Janet M.
    posted 7 years ago

    The trailer is kinda ... well sparse. I understand that they are playing off the idea of "dead air" but still think they could have given us (viewers) a bit more to keep us engaged.
  • Lisa's Photo

    Lisa B.
    posted 7 years ago

    Ok, I'm intrigued. I wanna see more.
  • Dale's Photo

    Dale N.
    posted 7 years ago

    Solid talent. Humour so subtle it's hilarious. And what a premise!
  • theresa's Photo

    theresa f.
    posted 7 years ago

    love it!
  • Paul's Photo

    Paul G.
    posted 7 years ago

    Campy..dry.... FUNNY...
  • Jadyn's Photo

    Jadyn l.
    posted 7 years ago

  • Helen's Photo

    Helen M.
    posted 7 years ago

    Not even close to KRP In Cin
  • Bridget's Photo

    Bridget F.
    posted 7 years ago

    Looks intriguing! I want to see more!!!!
  • Jay's Photo

    Jay O.
    posted 7 years ago

    Can't wait to see what comes next. These are some funny people.
  • Karen's Photo

    Karen W.
    posted 7 years ago

    Hilarious and completely relatable by many! The awkward silence, the massaging of the ear wax and the enthusiasm of Megan and Linda is outstanding. Can't wait to see more.
  • Kate's Photo

    Kate B.
    posted 7 years ago

    Great. Want to see more!
  • Sarah's Photo

    Sarah K.
    posted 7 years ago

    Awesome pitch video. One of the top projects on the site - good luck going forward!
  • Tess's Photo

    Tess J.
    posted 7 years ago

    Might be toooooo smart for people!?
  • Andrew's Photo

    Andrew B.
    posted 7 years ago

    Lots of potential here. Tones of characters and plot lines just waiting to unfold.
  • Brad's Photo

    Brad R.
    posted 7 years ago

    Jay Sharp is to radio what Elvis was to...ah...radio.
  • Andrew's Photo

    Andrew H.
    posted 7 years ago

    Most of this pitch is exactly what it claims to be! Dead Air! I chuckled throughout. This show needs a station manager who has way more energy than everybody else but is completely useless, otherwise. I love this whole idea!
  • Andrew's Photo

    Andrew A.
    posted 7 years ago

    Talking about an idea is one thing. DOING it, is another.
  • Erin's Photo

    Erin S.
    posted 7 years ago

    Looking forward to hearing the 'dead air'!
  • Eric's Photo

    Eric L.
    posted 7 years ago

    I COULD see more... would have liked to have seen more about how the show plays out in the teaser.
  • Amy's Photo

    Amy b.
    posted 7 years ago

    I want more!
  • Michael's Photo

    Michael C.
    posted 7 years ago

    Brilliantly awkward teaser!
  • Brian's Photo

    Brian L.
    posted 7 years ago

    The last 64 seconds or the trailer were hilarious!
  • Kerry's Photo

    Kerry M.
    posted 7 years ago

    This will be hilarious!! Amazingly talented group!
  • Randall's Photo

    Randall R.
    posted 7 years ago

    Interested in seeing more. Cool idea.
  • Melanie's Photo

    Melanie H.
    posted 7 years ago

    Can't wait to see more
    Thanks Caley Bedore and the Chex Daily show! You kids are top notch!
    Thanks Paul Rellinger and mykawartha.com for all of your support!
    Check out this great article by Jeannine Taylor in kawarthanow.com! Thanks Jeannine and the Kawartha Now team!