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Lizard at Home

Oliver and his roommate, a humanoid lizard named Drake, take in an uninvited guest from the future.

Vancouver, BC
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Week #1 Show Teaser Lizard at Home

A comedic thriller, Lizard At Home will creepy-crawl its way into your heart, whether you're a fan of comedy, sic-fi, romance, a lizard enthusiast, a conspiracy theorist, or even just a human being, or even... a lizard.

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Marcus's Photo
Marcus B. 2  posted 5 years ago

I may have enjoyed this more than I should have...Great work guys, very original!

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  • Sheldon's Photo
    Sheldon O. 0  posted 5 years ago

    Just don't think this would have a very big fan base, wouldn't make it as a comedy let alone a show

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  • carly's Photo
    carly t. 0  posted 5 years ago

    lol this show looks super random and not to sure who the lizard is but it gave me a chuckle.

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  • Dianne's Photo
    Dianne V. 0  posted 5 years ago

    What? That was interesting and kept me engaged. Hope to see more from you guys but to be honest, I didn't find it very funny.

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  • Mary-Colin's Photo
    Mary-Colin C. 0  posted 5 years ago

    nice editing - but is he a lizard?

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  • Rita's Photo
    Rita C. 0  posted 5 years ago

    I like this LOL very cool concept with the Lizzard and conspiracy or is it truth stuff, like the music too this has potential for sure to explore some serious issues in a quirky way that may make people think whilst enjoying the fun - great stuff Rita

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  • Sam's Photo
    Sam B. 0  posted 5 years ago

    This is the best!

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  • Janine's Photo
    Janine H. 0  posted 5 years ago


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  • Shane's Photo
    Shane Q. 0  posted 5 years ago

    Weird. And that's how I like it.

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  • Marcus's Photo
    Marcus B. 2  posted 5 years ago

    I may have enjoyed this more than I should have...Great work guys, very original!

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    Joel's Photo
    Joel C. 0  posted 5 years ago

    Thanks Marcus! I think it's pretty common to feel confused but optimistic.

  • Conrad's Photo
    Conrad S. 0  posted 5 years ago

    One of my favourites!

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  • Jess's Photo
    Jess K. 0  posted 5 years ago

    This was so weird but I loved it!

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  • Kevin's Photo
    Kevin W. 1  posted 5 years ago

    Quirky & Fun. Great stuff

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