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It's a Civil Life

An idealistic public servant lives to survive another work day.

Ottawa, ON
7.37 (92)

Week #1 Show Teaser It's a Civil Life

Let's take a peek inside a typical work day for Lucy, shall we? It's not that easy being a public servant. #teleconferencefails #perfumepolice #managementspeak.

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Forget everything you think you know about bureaucrats, including cushy pensions, benefits and paper pushing. Created by three Ottawans, this TV show gives you the insider's view, exposing the often hilarious reality of govlife.


Hingman Leung's Profile Image

Hingman Leung

Marketing / Social, Jack of all trades

I am a public servant leading a triple life and loving it. I work in the environment sector, while pursuing a Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication, and am also an aspiring videographer. Videography and photography is a way for me to bring all of my passions together - food, travel, and sound, while helping others tell their stories.

Amen Jafri's Profile Image

Amen Jafri

Director, Writer

It took a while to realize that a childhood obsessed with reading box office stats, tv guide and hours of television equated to a love of film. Since then, I've been public servant by day and film professional by night. My first film was about Ottawa and now, it only makes sense to look at the public service and show we're more than faceless bureaucrats with pensions.

Anne Griffore's Profile Image

Anne Griffore

Director of Photography, Editor

I have a background in PoliSci, and have worked in the entertainment industry much of my life. I really enjoy taking aspects of life, making them bigger than life and larger than normal and projecting them in ways that people can relate to. I look forward to undertaking this project, hoping to uncover the humour that underlies the everyday lives of public servants.

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Reviews (25)

  • Ashlyn's Photo

    Ashlyn H.
    posted 9 years ago

    This show seems pretty funny, but I think you guys can improve on it a little bit
  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 9 years ago

    Just fair, spilling the coffee joke was predictable
  • Alison's Photo

    Alison M.
    posted 9 years ago

    Some good gags. I like the concept quite a bit. But need to find a way to make it a be more visually interesting.
  • idris's Photo

    idris p.
    posted 9 years ago

    great job, amen.
  • jennifer's Photo

    jennifer d.
    posted 9 years ago

    Excellent! Too funny!
  • Maria's Photo

    Maria C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Hilarious perspective of bureaucratic life!!
  • Toban's Photo

    Toban M.
    posted 9 years ago

    Love Lucy! Can't wait to see more!
  • Richard's Photo

    Richard C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Very good. As a former civil (public) servant, I got it.
  • Amen's Photo

    Amen J.
    posted 9 years ago

    I completely see your point, James L. If selected to continue, we're going to do focus on how public servants are often held back from accomplishing more because of some of the absurdities they are faced with it everyday, such as bad technology.
  • Susan's Photo

    Susan D.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great production!!!
  • Victor's Photo

    Victor W.
    posted 9 years ago

    Perfect! So true... great concept. More please!
  • Matt's Photo

    Matt Y.
    posted 9 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
  • kevin's Photo

    kevin f.
    posted 9 years ago

    This looks like it would be an awesome show!
  • James's Photo

    James L.
    posted 9 years ago

    "First world problems" - The show. Nothing wrong with finding comedy in the mundane. But it better be fresh perspectives, and we better have good reason to care about Jane Ordinary.
  • Trevor's Photo

    Trevor C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Terrific idea.
  • Brenda's Photo

    Brenda Q.
    posted 9 years ago

    This concept has legs and love the lead......
  • Sharon's Photo

    Sharon R.
    posted 9 years ago

    It's going to be great!! Looking forward to it!
  • Nicolas's Photo

    Nicolas W.
    posted 9 years ago

    Good call on the subject mater
  • Deborah's Photo

    Deborah S.
    posted 9 years ago

    Having been sorta kinda a civil servant in the past (long boring story), I gotta say this IS right on the mark...great job for capturing the insanity in a funny format!
  • Nadia's Photo

    Nadia J.
    posted 9 years ago

    Awesome! Can't wait to see more.
  • Masha's Photo

    Masha K.
    posted 9 years ago

    This is so true, that it is sad... Awesome short!
  • Farah's Photo

    Farah C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Was so incredibly real!!! loved it....
  • amir's Photo

    amir j.
    posted 9 years ago

    The idea to have a comedy program about the civil servants is great...Seldom such subject has been considered. It is a refreshing departure from the american kind of humor with which we get tickeled to boredom...Canada needs its own voice, and here it is. Thanks for looking into it.
  • Ad's Photo

    Ad H.
    posted 9 years ago

    fantastic !
  • Masuma's Photo

    Masuma K.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great potential!! Federal servants make the quirkiest employees!!
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