Week #9 The Big Deal

This is it. Your last chance to make an impact. On December 6th you will pitch your project to an advisory panel of industry pros and a live audience of fans and media. Are you ready?


Mon, Nov 24 @ 9:00PM EST Mon, Nov 24 @ 9:00PM EST Tuesday, December 2 @ 11:59PM EST Sat, Dec 6 @ 2:30PM EST
The Assignment
The final 5 teams have been tasked with preparing for the Big Deal event. In this business we call “show” few things are more nerve racking than the pitch, and believe us when we say this is the pitch of all pitches. It’s hard enough in the boardroom and the final 5 teams are going to have to do it before a sea of fans. Here’s how it’s going to break down.
  • The Open (live presentation): 1 minute
  • The Highlight Reel (video playback): 3 minutes
  • The Close (live presentation): 1 minute
  • The Hot Seat (advisory panel Q&A): 5 minutes
FANS! Join us!
If you happen to be attending the Whistler Film Festival on December 6th, or are anywhere in the Whistler area then come and join us for the Big Deal and the celebration that follows!
The Big Deal Event
Saturday December 6, 2014 @ 1:00 PM
The Whistler Conference Centre, Grand Foyer
Visit the Whistler Film Festival for more details!
Then hang around for the after-party! Deals need to be celebrated, wounds need to be licked and friends need to be made. We’ll be at Garfinkel’s on Saturday night, so come by and have a drink