Engage your audience, your know...your fans

Week #5 Hype It

It's time to meet the press and crank the awareness on your project up to eleven! If you want it you’re going to have to convince the media that you're a story worth covering and open yourself up to your fans.


Mon, Oct 20 @ 9:00PM EDT Mon, Oct 27 @ 9:00PM EDT Sunday, November 2 @ 11:59PM EST Mon, Nov 3 @ 9:00PM EST
The Assignment
For this mission we asked teams to reach out to the media and prove that theirs was a story worth covering. Additionally we asked them to reach out to their fans and stage a virtual or live event to occur during the Top 15 voting period. Each team submitted.
  • A 90-second video (required)
  • A media sell sheet
  • A Facebook event page with details of their promotional event
  • Up to five images relevant to the Hype It video (optional)
FANS! Watch, Rate, Review, and ATTEND!
  • Watch some HYPE videos and look at some sell sheets
  • Navigate to project pages and give creators some feedback using the Rate & Review tool (top right). Be constructive!
  • And ATTEND an event! Be it an online tweet-up, or drinks at the local bar. Join the celebration and support your favourite teams!
  • Remember to PROMOTE your favourite teams on your social networks!