Capture your original comedy concept

Week #1 Show Teaser

Think you got prime time material? Don’t tell us -- show us! Call it a “concept trailer”, “idea prototype” or “sizzle”, we’re looking for 90 seconds of brilliance that captures your creative vision and originality.


Mon, Aug 18 @ 9:00PM EDT Mon, Aug 18 @ 9:00PM EDT Sunday, September 21 @ 11:59PM EDT Thu, Oct 2 @ 9:00PM EDT

The Assignment

To kickoff ComedyCoup and our quest to find "new forms of funny", we asked teams to capture their original concepts for a comedy show. Each team has submitted: 
  • A 90-second video (required)
  • Up to five images relevant to the Show Teaser video (optional)

FANS! Watch, Rate & Review!

  • Watch some Show Teaser videos
  • Navigate to project pages and give creators some feedback using the Rate & Review tool (top right). Be constructive -- duh!
  • And PROMOTE! your favourite teams on your social networks