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Week #3 The Differentiator

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Elephant Empire

Mixing dramatic actors, comedians, and filmmakers for laughs and strange, provocative tales.

Toronto, ON
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Week #3 The Differentiator Elephant Empire

Elephant Empire is the only comedy "anthology series". It's like Black Mirror, Twilight Zone, or The Magical World of Disney with jokes. We present a new world each week. It's comedy for ALL of your bones. Classic fast n' silly for your funny bone AND story for the bones of the heart and mind. Think Key and Peele and Guy de Maupassant or imagine Monty Python had Anton Chekhov and Doris Lessing!

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Danny's Photo
Danny B. 2  posted 10 years ago

I like the dramatic tone that's sprinkled in the comedy. It's cool to feel something and laugh at the same time. THERE I SAID IT!!

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Replay Value

Replay Value

Why was there a King in the shoot out of the police raid? Elephant Empire builds layers into our shows. We believe that, in the age of the internet video and "hyperlink narratives", we need to create comedy that is meant to be watched twice. Every week we create a new world with layers. There are overlapping visuals, creative transitions, characters, callbacks, and Easter Eggs for the attentive audience member. It all keeps a strange logic for those who follow us down the rabbit hole.
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Behind the Scenes: A Matte for Matt

Behind the Scenes: A Matte for Matt

We had to use a matte and add our actor to this shot in postproduction. This is because Matt was needed to perform in this dramatic scene AND to operate the bird. We're sure that all of the ComedyCoup teams out there are grinding out their own creative solutions.
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Sound is important. That's why we use sound booths made from the finest brother's t-shirts on a drying rack.
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We Sit on Couch

We Sit on Couch

Peter Stevens, Hannah Spear, Matt Lemche, and David Reale. We got together to make the intro to the video. We looked at the camera and said, "what makes Elephant Empire... different?" but were unable to use the footage due to unbearable cheesiness.
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Undercover Cops

Undercover Cops

I was surprised how well this turned out. You can see Matt holding my wallet with a piece of aluminum foil in it to look like a police badge. It does the trick when it's flashed onscreen for 0.3 seconds.
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Comments (34)

  • Peter's Photo
    Peter S. 0  posted 10 years ago

    If you're in Toronto you can see our live show. We're on every Monday in November.

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  • Anna's Photo
    Anna S. 0  posted 10 years ago

    This was really funny--I'd love to see some live sketch sometime. These videos got you on my radar and I'm really happy about that. Great job.

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  • Sheldon's Photo
    Sheldon O. 0  posted 10 years ago

    I've liked everything you've put up, great stuff and funny, just increased your rating

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  • Garry's Photo
    Garry E. 0  posted 10 years ago

    I'm lovin the ironic facial hair guys! Keep it up!

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  • matt's Photo
    matt e. 0  posted 10 years ago

    yo guy, you guys are sick. sketchfest represent 4 ever, these guys know how to put on a good show. had me in tears and i also am stoked to see them again

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  • Marilyn's Photo
    Marilyn W. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Very funny. I wish I knew more of what the show is going to be like. Everything I've seen so far from you guys has made me laugh though and that's the most important thing

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  • Mark's Photo
    Mark L. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Not sure if its for real or if you're taking the piss out of me. I love your guys stuff as usual. I want to see more

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  • Nicolas's Photo
    Nicolas B. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Entertaining video, and the behind-the-scenes info was interesting, too.

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  • Timothy's Photo
    Timothy M. 0  posted 10 years ago

    love it

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  • Jennifer's Photo
    Jennifer W. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Neat, I like the variety you guys are offering. I also like this video as it has sucked my anatomy loving self in, lol. I appreciate the work you are putting in, looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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  • Simon's Photo
    Simon C. 1  posted 10 years ago

    In my opinion, it's not so much about whether to ask the questions first or not, as much as making sure you ask the real questions...

    Then again, what do I know? Outstanding as usual!

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  • lukw's Photo
    lukw V. 0  posted 10 years ago

    always funny... i love everything you guys put out... i honestly have never seen a sketch of your that i didnt think was hilarious!! Cant wait to see you on TV!

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  • Kyle's Photo
    Kyle W. 0  posted 10 years ago

    You guys are so gosh darn damn funny. It's good to see that you on-stage hilarity transfers to the screen as well. Please show more from the show and fewer pictures of random people, unless your show will also consist of random photos then that's fair enough

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  • Josianne's Photo
    Josianne a. 0  posted 10 years ago

    As usual, Elephant Empire nailed it ! Lots of emotions ! Greats Greats Greats actors! Can't wait to see mission 4!

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  • Robert's Photo
    Robert K. 0  posted 10 years ago

    good stuff, u guys seem funny and it feels like there's a bit of a sketch show boom lately key and peele, kroll show, and inside amy schumer all killing it lately. good luck!

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  • Stefan's Photo
    Stefan P. 0  posted 10 years ago

    what is this thanksgiving? youse guys are hilarious turkeys and all that! keep it friggin up!

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  • Aaron's Photo
    Aaron K. 0  posted 10 years ago

    I like the jokes. Made me laugh. I am also posting to get votes, but I'm not posting randomly, you earned a positive comment from me! I'd watch this.

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  • Daryl's Photo
    Daryl L. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Good luck on the project. I am posting to get some votes. I wish you luck. I hope your social networking is going well for you.

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  • Virginia's Photo
    Virginia R. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Uggghhh, as one of your competition, I hate to tell you how much I like your show, But it is so funny so far! Sometimes I think your cuts could be tighter, you use the dramatic pause a lot, but besides that I really enjoy your work!

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  • Danny's Photo
    Danny B. 2  posted 10 years ago

    I like the dramatic tone that's sprinkled in the comedy. It's cool to feel something and laugh at the same time. THERE I SAID IT!!

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    Ryan's Photo
    Ryan B. 0  posted 10 years ago

    I'd lose the moustache - its a bit too much of a neitzsche appeal. I do really appreciate the non-sequitur name dropping of historical figures alongside the last 40 years of comedy icons.

  • Alan's Photo
    Alan P. 1  posted 10 years ago

    This is what I want to see on my tv. Out of the box, bizarre, well acted comedy. Yes, please.

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  • Reginald's Photo
    Reginald F. 1  posted 10 years ago

    I lament that anyone without prior knowledge of the full Dibigong story could draw very little of the poignancy from this shred of its final scene. Ramming full meaning into a mere 45 seconds, Sisyphean task or fool's errand? One does not disect gossamer.
    Keep at it anyway because its sublime entertainment.

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    Peter's Photo
    Peter S. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Thanks Reginald F. Me like like pretty words. Great point about gossamers!

  • Liza's Photo
    Liza H. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Four people dead but I think that cop learnt a valuable lesson.

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  • JoAnne's Photo
    JoAnne V. 1  posted 10 years ago

    I LOVE THESE GUYS!! Montreal Sketch fest was MADE by these guys! Everyone is so talented and such amazing writers... i hope to see them move forward!!!!! Lets go boys!!

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  • Karen's Photo
    Karen H. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Very funny! The very clever, ironic, ridiculous humour Canadiens are famous for.
    A cameo from Deanne Smith doesn't hurt for the hilarity content too!! Can't wait to join the cult of followers this show will have.

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  • Christina's Photo
    Christina O. 0  posted 10 years ago

    It would be great if your sketches could link up somehow so there is more of a story. I just see it being kind of everywhere otherwise and I'm not sure how something like that could be made into a series. I always enjoy getting to know the characters of a show and then follow them through their escapades, I guess this isn't what you are going for though? Good luck guys!

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    Katy's Photo
    Katy R. 1  posted 10 years ago

    I'm thinking of it like Python's The Meaning of Life: ridiculous sketches with an overall message about stepping out of a fridge wearing a pink suit and the miracle of birth and exploding fat guys.

    Peter's Photo
    Peter S. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback, Christina O. I'll use this opportunity to practice clarifying what we do.

    Our show is like reading a short story. Something like Guy de Maupassant's The Monkey's Paw. With jokes. We sprinkle in some fast, silly scenes as well. There's overlap within an episode but once it ends... we're off to a new world next week. New characters. New story. Sprinkled with new fast and silly.

    The ComedyCoup mission this week asked us to show how we are different so we focused on the two tones of the show: fast 'n silly and story. You might have grown quite attached to the characters in the car. One episode tells their whole story.

    Also, you were right. We're not going for a follow-the-characters style. You might want to check out One Night Only. They do that clearly and well.

    Do you have a project in ComedyCoup?

  • Dan's Photo
    Dan B. 1  posted 10 years ago


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  • Jimmy's Photo
    Jimmy B. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Love it. I like the maturity, not going for dick jokes is a nice breather, could have used a bit more comedy on the two-headed swan, curious as to how that one would play out, but the final sketch is CLASSIC GOLD. Keep up the good work, hope you advance.

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  • Bruno's Photo
    Bruno S. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Glad to see that you guys were in this thing! You guys are a riot at Montreal Sketchfest and would be just as awesome to see on television! You have such great chemistry with each other! GO PEEBERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Erin's Photo
    Erin H. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Smart AND Funny. You guys are the best - I would totally watch your weekly world

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  • Alain's Photo
    Alain M. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Shoot this pilot first, then ask questions later. Am I right?????

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    Dan's Photo
    Dan B. 0  posted 10 years ago

    I think, realistically, you'd wanna answer all questions before shooting, or at least as many as you can. What's the game? Am I winning?

  • Jonathan's Photo
    Jonathan C. 1  posted 10 years ago

    HAHA what in the name of god was that bird creature! A swan duck hydra? did you happen to have that already hanging around or did you guys make it for this one?

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    Peter's Photo
    Peter S. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Hannah Puley is the artist responsible for the bird! She did this weird whistle and it came out of the sky.

  • Steve's Photo
    Steve G. 1  posted 10 years ago

    I’m digging the anthology concept and the “shoot first ask questions later” sketch is brilliant. It’s always a pleasure to see you guys perform live too!

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  • Caitlin's Photo
    Caitlin L. 1  posted 10 years ago

    I remember you guys from Montreal Sketch Fest, you were incredible! And all your videos so far have carried on the intelligence and humour that I remember!

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