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Hey, my friends and I are pretty funny. We should have our own show... BAM!!! We already do!

Saint john, NB
6.92 (270)

Week #1 Show Teaser HoveLand008

Teaser Trailer for HoveLand008 Volume 0

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HoveLand008 - an emotional story of 5 friends as they struggle for survival in a twisted world not unlike our own. Psych! We're just a bunch of idiots concocting hare-brained schemes and assaulting one another! But we don't stop there. D'you like magic and sci-fi portals and zombies and stuff? But not so much of it that it's convoluted and annoying? Well in HoveLand008, anything can happen. And sometimes does.

Made for a year-and-a-half on the smallest shoestring budget you can get, HoveLand008 is a community effort. We believe that the only thing you need to make a good show is willpower and cooperation (of course, 500k worth of CBC support couldn't hurt).


Adam Landry's Profile Image

Adam Landry

Director, Writer

With the exception of my job, almost all of my time is spent working on comedy video projects. I have written, directed, and starred in over 4 hours of my own projects in the past 6 years. What I lack in professional experience and training I make up for with dedication and hard work. The process of smoothing the edges has given me years worth of practical experience.

James Hovey's Profile Image

James Hovey

Writer, Producer

James loves every part of film making and is the happiest person on set. He hopes one day to be able to make movies and videos full time gaining acceptance from an unloving home life. James also likes kittens and fancy dress parties. Plus, his profile passwords are always predictable.

Tim Turnell's Profile Image

Tim Turnell

Talent, Showrunner

Tim Turnell contributes to stage, television, film, and radio across Canada. His company, Theatre Narcissus Twelve, provides unique theatre experiences by any means necessary. Tim is an award-winning and nominated performer, short filmmaker, illustrator, and considerably more modest than his bio lends one to believe.

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  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 8 years ago

    Just wasn't feeling it this week like last week was really good
  • Marc's Photo

    Marc D.
    posted 8 years ago

    Everything just keeps coming up hits. Nothing is perfect, but damn, you guys are on to something.
  • Rick's Photo

    Rick D.
    posted 8 years ago

    AWESOME!!! This guy knows his shit!! I have no idea what hole this genius crawled out of!!!
  • Daniel's Photo

    Daniel J.
    posted 8 years ago

    Pretty good but there is lots of competition out there!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of other competitors competing against everyone in the competition!!!!!!!! Good luck to you and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • aidan's Photo

    aidan b.
    posted 8 years ago

    So is this basically the jackass series of movies but in a TV show? Overall you still haven't really answered what hoveland008 is. you just said "now you know".
  • Sergei's Photo

    Sergei G.
    posted 8 years ago

    Sorry^ but it is not for me
  • Colleen's Photo

    Colleen C.
    posted 8 years ago

    Think you are cool!
  • Darrell's Photo

    Darrell O.
    posted 8 years ago

    looks odd
  • Brenda's Photo

    Brenda E.
    posted 8 years ago

    My Son works with them they are sooooo funny!
  • Murray's Photo

    Murray H.
    posted 8 years ago

    Travel and film , you put it together and people will watch.
    CBC can use a bit more humor, you are IT !!
  • Kathy's Photo

    Kathy K.
    posted 8 years ago

    I love Mrs Clippins! Can't wait for her spin-off!
  • john's Photo

    john m.
    posted 8 years ago

    Awesomely funny!
  • Gregory's Photo

    Gregory H.
    posted 8 years ago

    This looks really good, I can't wait to see more of Hoveland008.
  • James's Photo

    James H.
    posted 8 years ago

    I'm quite fond of this little program.
  • Cori's Photo

    Cori B.
    posted 8 years ago

    So funny!
  • Dan's Photo

    Dan N.
    posted 8 years ago

    Great job.
  • Jack's Photo

    Jack K.
    posted 8 years ago

    Interesting!really enjoyed it!
  • Jacqueline's Photo

    Jacqueline G.
    posted 8 years ago

    Fantastically funny!
  • Mister's Photo

    Mister L.
    posted 8 years ago

    Home town boys! Love seeing this, keep it coming!
  • carly's Photo

    carly t.
    posted 8 years ago

    not too sure about this one.
  • Oliver's Photo

    Oliver F.
    posted 8 years ago

    These guys rock!
  • tricia's Photo

    tricia B.
    posted 8 years ago

    interesting skit. Would have liked to have seen more of the concept and what makes your group different.
  • Craig's Photo

    Craig W.
    posted 8 years ago

    Very funny guys. You should win this.
  • Matthew's Photo

    Matthew B.
    posted 8 years ago

    better than average
  • Jason's Photo

    Jason T.
    posted 8 years ago

  • Joe's Photo

    Joe C.
    posted 8 years ago

  • Linda's Photo

    Linda O.
    posted 8 years ago

    Great job Boyz!!
  • Richard's Photo

    Richard H.
    posted 8 years ago

    Awesome Always like their stuff would pay 10$ a month to have a channel of this over DYI channel anyday
  • joel's Photo

    joel r.
    posted 8 years ago

    minus one point just to keep them humble..
  • Melissa's Photo

    Melissa C.
    posted 8 years ago

    They are the best :D
  • Angela's Photo

    Angela W.
    posted 8 years ago

    I'm a huge fan! Love these guys, love their films. Go Hoveland008!
  • Maureen's Photo

    Maureen M.
    posted 8 years ago

    You did step it up this week. Genie idea was a great way to introduce the show although not sure if I get the full idea of what comes next.
  • Joceline's Photo

    Joceline P.
    posted 8 years ago

    Very original concept, loved the singing genie. Would be nice to see some female actors as part of your cast.
  • Corey's Photo

    Corey A.
    posted 8 years ago

  • alexander's Photo

    alexander j.
    posted 9 years ago

    These guys are great !!
  • Ian's Photo

    Ian E.
    posted 9 years ago

    I love episode from season 1; "The Nudist"! It's funny as hell!
  • Tracey's Photo

    Tracey F.
    posted 9 years ago

    Funny stuff!
  • Mike's Photo

    Mike C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Can't wait to see more!
  • Chris's Photo

    Chris B.
    posted 9 years ago

    Awesome. Can't wait to see more.
  • Adam's Photo

    Adam L.
    posted 9 years ago

    My totally unbiased opinion is that this is the single greatest thing I have ever watched.
  • Alaurea's Photo

    Alaurea A.
    posted 9 years ago

    So awesome!!! Check these guys out!
  • Gord's Photo

    Gord G.
    posted 9 years ago

    Best use of a lobster since multiple maniacs
  • trev's Photo

    trev g.
    posted 9 years ago

    Awesome,quirky and downright funny!
  • Melissa's Photo

    Melissa H.
    posted 9 years ago

    Magical ;)
  • Mei's Photo

    Mei C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Good job youse guys
  • Zac's Photo

    Zac M.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great show. Go watch rhem all!
  • stephen's Photo

    stephen M.
    posted 9 years ago

  • Shane's Photo

    Shane W.
    posted 9 years ago

  • irene's Photo

    irene a.
    posted 9 years ago

    this is awesome!
  • Leanne's Photo

    Leanne L.
    posted 9 years ago

    My Best Friend is in this! It rocks!
  • dan's Photo

    dan w.
    posted 9 years ago

    So f*cking funny!!
  • Bruce's Photo

    Bruce D.
    posted 9 years ago

    Enjoyed, hope to see more to come
  • eric's Photo

    eric h.
    posted 9 years ago

  • Linda's Photo

    Linda H.
    posted 9 years ago

    Enjoyed watching it. Found it very entertaining.
  • Dave's Photo

    Dave B.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great but needs more height!
  • Steve's Photo

    Steve F.
    posted 9 years ago

    Funny stuff! A lot going on and all of it amusing!!! I should be in it!
  • Jason's Photo

    Jason A.
    posted 9 years ago

    This looks incredible! Love from PEI
  • Krista's Photo

    Krista S.
    posted 9 years ago

    keep up the good work guys
  • Tim's Photo

    Tim T.
    posted 9 years ago

    Using all local talent and resources. This show has come along way from its beginnings and still has so much more to offer.
  • david's Photo

    david l.
    posted 9 years ago

    good stuff from great dudes
  • lisa's Photo

    lisa f.
    posted 9 years ago

    lobster man : )
  • Diane's Photo

    Diane S.
    posted 9 years ago

    Kudos to my cousin!
  • justin's Photo

    justin b.
    posted 9 years ago

    Top kek!
  • Amy's Photo

    Amy W.
    posted 9 years ago

    Thats fantastic
  • Tim's Photo

    Tim M.
    posted 9 years ago

    this is the shit. Appreciate the support !!! Best Project Hands down Bi@**es
  • Brian's Photo

    Brian L.
    posted 9 years ago

    Worse than Kenny & Spenny.
  • Mike's Photo

    Mike C.
    posted 9 years ago

  • Trevor's Photo

    Trevor B.
    posted 9 years ago

    This is just too much all over the place for me to get what this is.
  • Heidi's Photo

    Heidi S.
    posted 9 years ago

    So creative and funny.... my favourite! :)
  • Mike's Photo

    Mike P.
    posted 9 years ago

    You should meet these guys in reality land .. Just as funny .... Keep it guys you rock ...
  • Marquise's Photo

    Marquise B.
    posted 9 years ago

    To me, it is not funny and I don't understand the concept. Maybe if the concept wasn't all over the place, it would've been better.
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