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How I Lost One Pound

Bona fide dieters' obsession with body image & the epic quest to find the holy grail of weight loss.

Toronto, ON
7.50 (102)

Week #1 Show Teaser How I Lost One Pound

Enjoy an entertaining look with your host Lesley as she explores our society's obsession with our bodies. "How I Lost One Pound" is a fun-filled variety show, taking a pulse on all that defines our bodies, from diets, chocolate, exercise, and living in our 9-5 rat race.

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Mother, baby boomer, comedian Lesley Carlberg, and millions of Canadians just like her, have spent years in a skinny-obsessed culture battling the bulge."How I Lost One Pound" follows Lesley's epic quest to find the holy grail of weight loss and expose society’s futile dieting efforts of “eat less and exercise more”. This show is a carnival of sketches, parodies, interviews, and games about things like chocolate, willpower, motivation & fitness in order to shed those elusive pounds. Up against a 7 billion dollar dieting industry, Lesley reveals the temptations and obstacles of daily life and helps us realize the secret to healthy living may just be accepting our bodies, muffin tops and all.


Lesley Carlberg's Profile Image

Lesley Carlberg

Talent, Writer

Comedian Lesley skidded into entertainment as a dancer at age 3. She created 4 musicals for Toronto Fringe & works regularly as an actor. She wrote & performed in her films "How I Lost One Pound, The Movie” trailer, a clown movie “Spin Cycle” & “Shit Dieters Say”. When Lesley grows up, she wants to be a one-hit wonder cuz Rockstars don't have to sing that great. La la la!

Shannon Litt's Profile Image

Shannon Litt

Director, Director of Photography

Shannon Litt is a Toronto-based videographer and director. She is hugely involved in the digital space, specializing in web-series and graduating with a specialization in Digital Media from Ryerson’s School of Media. When she isn't shooting tons of tres cool projects or hiding in her editing suite, she can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee and devouring books.

Pamela Julian's Profile Image

Pamela Julian

Marketing / Social, Showrunner

Pam is a social media junkie who's had her phone & computer repeatedly confiscated by her children. While earning 2 graduate degrees in crime fighting, she realized her true calling is her ability to wear many hats while juggling fire. On a unicycle. An avid photographer & writer, she enjoys kitchen dancing & collecting vinyl.

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Reviews (18)

  • Kristen's Photo

    Kristen s.
    posted 10 years ago

    Love this premise! Like watching a snippet of my life, but funnier! Go girl - keep it up, can't wait to see more!
  • Karen's Photo

    Karen B.
    posted 10 years ago

    Clever and real... great job!
  • Forman's Photo

    Forman H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Not really comedy coup material but a good idea for sure.
  • Silvia's Photo

    Silvia K.
    posted 10 years ago

    Can't wait to see more!
  • Margaret's Photo

    Margaret G.
    posted 10 years ago

    Leslie is very endearing and funny.
  • Connor's Photo

    Connor W.
    posted 10 years ago

    What a fantastic idea! Incredibly funny
  • Natalie's Photo

    Natalie C.
    posted 10 years ago

    I think its a fresh new idea, just what society needs
  • April's Photo

    April H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Very funny take on how women struggle with the idea of going on a diet
  • Bonnie's Photo

    Bonnie C.
    posted 10 years ago

    I really like Lesley's personality. We can all relate to diet woes.
  • Lucie's Photo

    Lucie C.
    posted 10 years ago

    Refreshing. Insightful. A meaningful comedic contribution.
  • Kaeleen's Photo

    Kaeleen F.
    posted 10 years ago

    I would so watch this!
  • Carolin's Photo

    Carolin K.
    posted 10 years ago

    Can't wait to see more!
  • Anna's Photo

    Anna K.
    posted 10 years ago

    So funny!!
  • Emma's Photo

    Emma D.
    posted 10 years ago

    Hilarious, creative new concept, unlike any other show offering at the moment
  • Jenny's Photo

    Jenny E.
    posted 10 years ago

  • Mark's Photo

    Mark C.
    posted 10 years ago

    Fabulously relevant and fun. A point of reflection we can all relate to, and allow us to laugh at ourselves.
  • Jacquelyn's Photo

    Jacquelyn B.
    posted 10 years ago

    Being true to ourselves and announcing it to the world...an inspiring idea.
  • Fast's Photo

    Fast C.
    posted 10 years ago

    Timely relevant topic with a fresh comedic twist
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