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Ice Cream Confidential

Gambling, larceny, extortion, kidnapping, murder, ice cream.

Vancouver, BC
5.18 (45)

Week #1 Show Teaser Ice Cream Confidential

Created + Written by Evan Wansbrough. Directed + Edited by Evan Wansbrough + James Atwood. Director of Photography: James Atwood. CAST: Evan Wansbrough as Danny / Jim Gibson as Ray Diligenti / Adam J. Wright as Lance / Greg Bosworth as Roger / Zook Matthews as Monroe / Will Wansbrough as José / Justin White as Driver 1. Sound Op: Chloe Stevenson. Music: Evan Wansbrough + Jim Atwood.

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Desperate for quick cash after a publicity stunt lands his band’s van in police impound two weeks before tour, Danny Danger takes a job as an ice cream man at Treatlocker Ice Cream Truck Co., and immediately finds himself dick-deep in the gritty ice cream truck underworld amidst Treatlocker owner, Ray Diligenti, and his crew of grease-ball, ice cream truck drivers.

It’s the hottest summer in decades, business is pumping, and Danny’s dreams are in reach when a nationwide Amber Alert freezes sales, putting Ray’s stake in Treatlocker at risk, and threatening Danny’s tour. The two conspire in the ultimate scheme to rescue the missing child, collect $15K reward money, and save Danny’s tour.


Evan Wansbrough's Profile Image

Evan Wansbrough

Showrunner, Writer

I drove ice cream undercover for an entire summer while writing this.

Previous film experience: Background Talent, Freddy Got Fingered.

James Atwood's Profile Image

James Atwood

Director of Photography, Editor

I was background talent in the fifth sequel of a familiar movie starring dogs. It was atop Grouse Mountain in the snow, and all the extras seemed aware that they were making utter bull honk for a pay cheque. And the dogs were being regularly swapped out for less depleted looking duplicates.

Ryan Walter Wagner's Profile Image

Ryan Walter Wagner

Marketing / Social, Photography

Drove ice cream, summer of 2012.

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  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 9 years ago

    Just don't see this as a comedy, just bad, you need a new idea
  • Donna's Photo

    Donna W.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great acting...would like to see more stories - could be many funny episodes to develop.. don't like to much use of the F word or swearing - doesn't make it very family friendly...
  • Bobby's Photo

    Bobby M.
    posted 9 years ago

  • Marquise's Photo

    Marquise B.
    posted 9 years ago

    Too much swearing. It doesn't bring anything more to the comedy. I didn't quite grasp the concept.
  • Byron's Photo

    Byron H.
    posted 9 years ago

    I think this looks great! Funny as hell and good production on the promo too. I'm not sure how lasting the concept can be, but it sure is a good one.
  • Glenn's Photo

    Glenn A.
    posted 9 years ago

    Love the premise. Acting is really solid too.. Definitely interested to see what dark and twisted corners of the ice cream vending world they can take this!
  • Marny's Photo

    Marny G.
    posted 9 years ago

    Hilarious! These guys can act!
  • Colin's Photo

    Colin W.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great energy. Loads of potential. This is the one.
  • Kathryn's Photo

    Kathryn H.
    posted 9 years ago

  • christina's Photo

    christina N.
    posted 9 years ago

    It's like a sketch, not a full series.
  • William's Photo

    William R.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great idea, with a lot of potential. Good cast of auld lads.
  • Suki's Photo

    Suki N.
    posted 9 years ago

    I was, in fact, eating ice cream while watching this.
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