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Lizard at Home

Oliver and his roommate, a humanoid lizard named Drake, take in an uninvited guest from the future.

Vancouver, BC
6.89 (128)

Week #1 Show Teaser Lizard at Home

A comedic thriller, Lizard At Home will creepy-crawl its way into your heart, whether you're a fan of comedy, sic-fi, romance, a lizard enthusiast, a conspiracy theorist, or even just a human being, or even... a lizard.

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Oliver is a young scientist studying his best friend and roommate, Drake: a humanoid lizard. The quest to discover Drake's origin and purpose is hijacked when Mirai, a beautiful and mysterious assassin, crashes into their lives with an attempt to kill Drake.

As their lives, relationships, and the fate of the human race spin out of control, the truth is discovered: Life can be hard...with a Lizard At Home.


Starlise Waschuk's Profile Image

Starlise Waschuk

Producer, Talent

Starlise is an all around type "A" personality filmmaker. From acting, writing, producing, choreographing, flicking lights, making cheese quesadillas - she's got it covered. Her favourite "laughs", if you will, are "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" meets "Zoolander" meets her man, Chaplin.

Dustin Clark's Profile Image

Dustin Clark

Director, Talent

Dustin is a person. He likes movies, and likes to make and write them. He's made lots of short films, but more recently completed his first feature, a musical called "Year After Year". He is not actually a lizard.

Joel Crichton's Profile Image

Joel Crichton

Writer, Talent

Joel is an actor, writer, and composer. He has written many plays and musicals - his musical for kids The Antyssey will tour Alberta throughout Winter/Spring 2015. He has also recently been Playwright-in-Residence with Workshop West Theatre in Edmonton, where he developed his new psychological thriller Psyche. You can see Joel in the movie musical Year After Year.

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Ratings (128)

Average 6.89 / 10
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Reviews (20)

  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 10 years ago

    Just don't see the funny in this, wouldn't make it as a comedy
  • Kelli's Photo

    Kelli H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Great acting!
  • Dianne's Photo

    Dianne V.
    posted 10 years ago

    Strange beginning, middle, and end but looking to see where this show might go. Hoping for more comedy in the next one.
  • Rachel's Photo

    Rachel S.
    posted 10 years ago

    creative and exceptional hilarity
  • deanna's Photo

    deanna t.
    posted 10 years ago

    pretty good idea.
  • Marcy's Photo

    Marcy M.
    posted 10 years ago

    I want to be friends with these guys! Soo good!
  • Amie's Photo

    Amie Z.
    posted 10 years ago

    Seriously good!
  • Hayden's Photo

    Hayden B.
    posted 10 years ago

    Nice video!
  • Dakota's Photo

    Dakota H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Haha love it!
    Be sure to check out The Troupe! (We're based out of SK!)
  • Ben's Photo

    Ben D.
    posted 10 years ago

    I love this.
  • Jess's Photo

    Jess K.
    posted 10 years ago

    Perfect combination of weird and funny!
  • Ed's Photo

    Ed B.
    posted 10 years ago

  • Mike's Photo

    Mike S.
    posted 10 years ago

    Love it! Vancouver has some of the best teasers so far!
  • Lauren's Photo

    Lauren M.
    posted 10 years ago

    Maybe, but it was short and I didn't really get a feel for it.
  • Brian's Photo

    Brian T.
    posted 10 years ago

    Bizarre, sci-fi, and odd situation comedy (odd room-mates) - so why do I feel the need to vote it so low? You ran short of the the time allowed by almost 40 seconds, which doesn't give me hope in the strength of the show.

    And did they take in the assassin who wants to kill the room-mate? A good question but she can't be very good at her job if she fails that. But she will probably find them charming, I assume? I love the use of parody to use a fresher song, too - smart. Otherwise, I see it as a nice commercial to run on a sketch comedy show and potentially as a segment in a mixed-sketch show. Good idea, and maybe with the right people you could turn it into a season of TV. And some decent sci-fi visuals; better than most of the sci-fi shows in the competition.
  • Kevin's Photo

    Kevin W.
    posted 10 years ago

    Fun & refreshing.
  • Sarah's Photo

    Sarah B.
    posted 10 years ago

    I thought this was one of the funnier trailers, so random but good!
  • Robert's Photo

    Robert G.
    posted 10 years ago

    looks exciting and fun
  • Amanda's Photo

    Amanda W.
    posted 10 years ago

    Super funny!
  • Joseph's Photo

    Joseph S.
    posted 10 years ago

    Love the concept, love the cast, love the jokes. I would love to see you guys do this show with a budget.

    I also love the fact that Mirai is the world's clumsiest assassin.
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