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Week #1 Show Teaser

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Maple U

Students from all corners of Maple University converge in their love of performing sketch comedy.

Edmonton, AB
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Week #1 Show Teaser Maple U

Maple University is the premier destination for below average education. Where the teachers don't know your name. A university so grand, you'll be happy to know that you're just another face in the crowd. So come join us here at Maple University, we promise you won't learn anything.

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Sharlene's Photo
Sharlene M. 2  posted 10 years ago

This looks SO funny!

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  • jesse's Photo
    jesse c. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Could be an interesting show, reminds me a little of 'Community' (about a local American college). College life is quite entertaining though, good luck guys!

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    jesse's Photo
    jesse c. 0  posted 10 years ago

    And I do like the name, very clever, very Canadian!

  • Sherman's Photo
    Sherman D. 0  posted 10 years ago

    i would be interested in a show about maple university because we always see so many show about american universities and if you don't go to a university we don't know what goes on

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  • Wes's Photo
    Wes W. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Clever. Produced by a disgruntled U of A student?

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  • Samantha's Photo
    Samantha H. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Good camera work but would like to meet some of the characters!

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  • Carole's Photo
    Carole P. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Well guys I'm sorry but other than University life I still know nothing about the characters in the show. Wish you would have introduced characters and the funny into this video....would help. Good luck.

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  • Mark's Photo
    Mark P. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Gosh you folks are hilarious. As evident by your large following, I am impress with the quality your team displays. Good luck this week. Hope we all see one another at top 15

    From Team Infinite Possibilities

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  • kayla's Photo
    kayla a. 0  posted 10 years ago

    way too long beginning! looks cool though

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  • Forman's Photo
    Forman H. 1  posted 10 years ago

    You spend to long with this faux promo piece and told us nothing about the characters or the possible stories.

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  • Dylan's Photo
    Dylan M. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Will check out other videos and see what happens when you bring the funny

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  • carly's Photo
    carly t. 0  posted 10 years ago

    nice job.

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  • David's Photo
    David M. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Some funny stuff. Keep up the good work guys! Go Edmonton!

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  • Sharlene's Photo
    Sharlene M. 2  posted 10 years ago

    This looks SO funny!

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    Amir's Photo
    Amir C. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Thanks! Really showcasing what university life is all about!

  • BB's Photo
    BB C. 2  posted 10 years ago

    Huge potential among university students! Really excited for this project!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Amir's Photo
    Amir C. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Love your enthusiasm for the show! You're the reason why we make it!

  • Sarah's Photo
    Sarah C. 2  posted 10 years ago

    I am excited to see what happens with this. Go Edmonton!

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    Amir's Photo
    Amir C. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Edmonton has the hottest comedians in the game. Watch out Canada!

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