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Week #6 The Flip

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My Cameraman

A smug director gets his due when a bumbling a/v asst from the 'other side' is sent to tape him 24/7

Vancouver, BC
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Week #6 The Flip My Cameraman

The Blair Switch - My Cameraman "The Flip". Now Josh is an ethereal Lifetape producer in Heaven who accidentally summons a recently departed porn cameraman destined for Hell, Monty, to replace his regular cameraman, and Monty only wants to shoot the naughty parts. Each episode will include a short segment of unprecedented access footage of cast members followed by a real cameraman 24/7. RealComedy

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  • Sheldon's Photo
    Sheldon O. 0  posted 10 years ago

    It was not what would keep my attention, not very good

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  • carly's Photo
    carly t. 0  posted 10 years ago

    interesting concept for this week. Good job on continuing to make videos.

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    Peter's Photo
    Peter M. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Thanks, Carly, in it for the long run. Thanks for visiting. Cheers!! Peter,

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