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Week #3 The Differentiator

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New Direction Comedy

Hilarious, enigmatic sketch's that seem to embody the psyche of these brilliant but troubled artists

Sudbury, ON
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Week #3 The Differentiator New Direction Comedy

Kris, describing and explaining new direction..like thats even remotely possible

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Comments (3)

  • Robert's Photo
    Robert W. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Is this trying to be very meta? I must say I would have preferred watching your video if the sound was a little cleaner and it was scripted tighter

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  • Kathleen's Photo
    Kathleen B. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Having watched many from the top 110, maybe there's something promising about not being among them! Break a leg :)

    If you get a chance, check out my brother at Don Quichotte's Train Spots -- We're in the 111 and up too! Hoping to see you back in the top 55 or whatever it is something like that :)

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  • Adam's Photo
    Adam M. 0  posted 10 years ago

    I think I'm ready for this new direction. The new direction is UP, I'd say! All the way to the TOP!

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