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A middle-aged Lothario is saddled with his pill-popping mother.

Vancouver, BC
7.23 (70)

Week #1 Show Teaser Pills

An introduction to Team Pills

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Once he hit 40, Pete was peaking. Finally had his own basement apartment and a job training babes at the gym. That’s when his mom moved back to town. A train wreck, she threatened everything he worked for.

Getting her into an old folks only made things harder, shuffling between two worlds that started to merge. Lucky she has lots of pills. A new source of income, they helped him curb the pain, too. If only he knew what the colours meant.

With a cast of characters that includes Fraker, the Hitler-moustached gym owner; Tommy, the hippie down the hall; and his nihilistic sister Melody, Pete better get it together or he’ll never have anyone to take care of him when he’s old.


David Ray's Profile Image

David Ray

Showrunner, Writer

Ray’s feature directorial debut was the dark comedy he wrote entitled Fetching Cody, starring Jay Baruchel, which premiered at the TIFF. His writing includes the blockbuster video game Need For Speed: Carbon and six MOWs for SyFy, but his pride and joy is developing original TV and features that push boundaries of style, substance and good taste.

Amy Nazarewich's Profile Image

Amy Nazarewich

Marketing / Social, Support

Amy graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2011 and was hired at a Vancouver-based digital media company where she worked on a variety of projects in the digital realm, including managing the social media accounts of the first season of Continuum. Amy's passions and interests lie in the digital sphere where people can connect with, share and enjoy media.

Sylvain Lavigne's Profile Image

Sylvain Lavigne

Showrunner, Director

Sylvain has written for and directed television shows receiving Prix Gémeaux nominations for his off-the-wall work. He also had the opportunity to travel the festival circuit around the world with his short films and won awards for his dark comedies and provocative stories. He currently lives in Montreal where he is preparing his first feature film.

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Reviews (14)

  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 9 years ago

    Not much of a teaser, wasn't funny, comedy requires funny
  • Leo's Photo

    Leo H.
    posted 9 years ago

    Aewsome!!! This project MUST be made!!!
  • Chris's Photo

    Chris H.
    posted 9 years ago

    Lots of potential, like the social media guru bit
  • Geoff's Photo

    Geoff F.
    posted 9 years ago

    GO! GO! GO! GO!
  • Lisa's Photo

    Lisa N.
    posted 9 years ago

    This has the potential for extreme humour! I can't wait to see more!
  • Marteinn's Photo

    Marteinn T.
    posted 9 years ago

    I love to love.
  • stuart's Photo

    stuart h.
    posted 9 years ago

    bout time some one put Ian Bagg on T.V. ill reconnect my cable to see this one. very excited
  • Kenneth's Photo

    Kenneth H.
    posted 9 years ago

    This sounds hilarious. I can't wait to see this pill-popping mother in action! Produce it!
  • Amy's Photo

    Amy R.
    posted 9 years ago

    Awesome, finally a comedy worth watching :)
  • Michelle's Photo

    Michelle I.
    posted 9 years ago

    I want to see this go to the next round, funny people, should be brilliant.
  • Annika's Photo

    Annika S.
    posted 9 years ago

    Cant wait to see this one, looks great!
  • Annie's Photo

    Annie R.
    posted 9 years ago

  • andrew's Photo

    andrew r.
    posted 9 years ago

    Cant wait to watch this
    Looks soooo funny
  • Marquise's Photo

    Marquise B.
    posted 9 years ago

    It would've been nice to describe the concept in the video.
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