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Pros and Cons of On-line dating

The reality is on-line dating profiles are not reality. Will dates live or die by the lies!

Nanaimo, BC
3.30 (47)

Week #1 Show Teaser Pros and Cons of On-line dating

Experience how a potential date made in heaven can be anything but, and the most unlikely matches may be all you were ever looking for! How on-line dating can turn into a disaster or something that was meant to be! See how our daters cover their tracks or are oblivious to their obvious deception. How old is Mark? What does Debbie a work-at-home single women actually do at home. Find out and more!

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Funny is how all the deceptions create humourous and uncompromising situations when the daters met. Body type, race, hair, religion and habits are all open for interpretations. The truths are best left to emerge in the dating process. Single parents forget to mention kids..5 year old profile pics..your suite is in your parent’s basement…self-employed is another word for unemployed...Car in the shop code for I don’t own one. We examine the hilarious to ridiculous conclusion of on-line dating. Relationships flourish or nightmarish events occur. Featuring the hooks-up by straight, LGBTQ, Older/Younger and more. You will be begging for the date to end. Entertaining and never disappointing.


Dave Ehrismann's Profile Image

Dave Ehrismann

Writer, Director

Dave is a gay parent of 3 kids and happily partnered. Dave is active in local theatre, movies and once in awhile boylesque. Dave has 25 years of middle management role with an emphasis on coaching and developing people. On-hands marketing experience in corporate, non-profits and charities' activities Dave is actively involved in developing community events and promotions.

Vikki Smudge's Profile Image

Vikki Smudge

Marketing / Social, Talent

Drag Queen Extraordinaire

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Darlene Cameron

Talent, Marketing / Social

I'm a Performance artist, MC, Actress, Bellydancer, Burlesque performer and singer. I believe I was born to entertain... I take part in fundraisers including the yearly kidney walk, and other local charities within my community. I've been in the Performing arts Industry for 7 years now, with a very supportive fan base! Hobbies are Feng Shui, Cooking, Jogging & Yoga!

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  • Carol's Photo

    Carol M.
    posted 10 years ago

    A little weird but amusing.
  • Marquise's Photo

    Marquise B.
    posted 10 years ago

    Online dating can be an infinite source of comedy. I'm not sure it was shown here though. Needs more depth to the concept.
  • Warren's Photo

    Warren S.
    posted 10 years ago

    good potential - I hope professional actors will be hired for this once the money comes.

    So i will rate high in hopes of that, since the concept is good.
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