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Week #1 Show Teaser

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Boyz Next Door

3 eccentrical non Alpha males and a hot chick show you how to make things happen in a chaotic world

Toronto, ON
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Week #1 Show Teaser Boyz Next Door

Is she a lesbian? Does Sai Kit love her? Nobody understood Sai Kit, or any of his crews. They proclaim themselves amoral, but often shows traits of goodness.Time after time they come up with shenanigan to get girls and money. Will they forsake their humanity in pursue of happiness as they continue falling in the downward spiral of this dysfunctional madness? Or will they live up to their dream$ ?

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carly's Photo
carly t. 1  posted 10 years ago

this idea has been done before but you did a good job.

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  • Sheldon's Photo
    Sheldon O. 0  posted 10 years ago

    DIdin't find it all that funny, seem like a version of the Big Bang Theory by the idea of it

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  • carly's Photo
    carly t. 1  posted 10 years ago

    this idea has been done before but you did a good job.

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  • Wendel's Photo
    Wendel S. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Isn't there any more? I was interested to see more darn it!


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  • Catherine's Photo
    Catherine P. 1  posted 10 years ago

    Air punch to the face! :)

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