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So Dumb 4 Real

We're here to seize the cultural zeitgeist by any means necessary.

Toronto, ON
4.72 (46)

Week #1 Show Teaser So Dumb 4 Real

So Dumb 4 Real bursts onto the scene in this startling sample of the future of skit comedy!

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So Dumb 4 Real will be a (metaphorically) hard-hitting comedy sketch show that doesn't pull any (metaphorical) punches when it comes to humour.

With our patent-pending laughter extraction technology, absurd nonsense suddenly becomes painfully hilarious. Some might question the ethics of deploying such methods on an unsuspecting and indifferent populace, but who's going to stop us? The UN? They probably don't even know what twertter is.

By partnering with the CBC, we hope to gain access to a wide variety of guest stars, including Rex Murphy, the Just for Laughs goblin, Rex Murphy (radio version), and the set of CD-ROM discs that contain a fully functional copy of the mind of Knowlton Nash.


Luke Agelast's Profile Image

Luke Agelast

Showrunner, Talent

My goal in life is to "make it" as a professional owl wrangler. Unfortunately, owls hate me and regularly steal objects that are rightfully mine. If you see an owl wearing sunglasses, ask him what he did with my mechanical pencil. If he doesn't seem to know what you're talking about, it might just be an innocent owl who also happens to be wearing sunglasses.

Ben Agelast's Profile Image

Ben Agelast

Writer, Talent

Ben Agelast has seen things you wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. He watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. It was SO BORING. Now he's working on the So Dumb 4 Real team! He's determined to seize the zeitgeist and shake it until money comes out.

Lawrence Stanley's Profile Image

Lawrence Stanley

Producer, Writer

Once described as "quiet" and "pretty normal" by neighbours, Lawrence grew up far removed from the glamor and glitz of Canadian independent film-making. Upon coming of age and learning about inappropriate humour, Lawrence started to dream of making the world a better place through comedy and becoming fabulously wealthy. The CBC heard his cry; the rest will soon be history.



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Ratings (46)

Average 4.72 / 10
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Reviews (9)

  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 10 years ago

    Just not getting the funny out of it, not a musical fan for comedy
  • Murray's Photo

    Murray H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Ouch no real acting just monologue
  • Luke's Photo

    Luke A.
    posted 10 years ago

    I solemnly pledge that, if we make it to the top 100, we'll buy a microphone that doesn't come attached to a complimentary video camera.

    As for my rating of my own content: 7/10, would smuggle pandas again.
  • Nancy's Photo

    Nancy B.
    posted 10 years ago

    don't know for sure, but i may have seen it before.
  • Nicolas's Photo

    Nicolas B.
    posted 10 years ago

    Discard the filler and I think your style has potential. The rap's amusing but not enough to carry the entire teaser.
  • Brent's Photo

    Brent M.
    posted 10 years ago

    I would really like to know what is going to interest me in your show. The use of cheezy backgrounds and pasted-on graphics was pretty good. I just felt like it could have been dumber? Go big or go home, you know :) The musical number could have used some context before we were dropped in--I had no idea what was going on and only figured out it was a theme song of sorts afterwards. The style of acting seemed like it might be a little more appropriate for theatre. I'm often guilty myself of making my performances too big for film. It's something you could try in future videos. Best of luck!
  • Nina's Photo

    Nina K.
    posted 10 years ago

    lol robot voice!
  • Lance's Photo

    Lance B.
    posted 10 years ago

    Invest in some audio!
  • Damien's Photo

    Damien F.
    posted 10 years ago

    Sweet raps bros
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