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Week #4 Key It

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The Stuff of Things

The Stuff of Things is a documentary series that explores science, the natural world, 'n stuff...

Toronto, ON
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Week #4 Key It The Stuff of Things

The Thinker. Pondering all the right questions.

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Week 4 Key It: Poster A The Stuff of Things

Poster A

The Stuff of Things: Blowing you in the mind!
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Week 4 Key It: Poster B The Stuff of Things

Poster B

We thought the best way to promote the show would be through the use of out show titles, and the use of our chosen aesthetic, stock images. Here is one: "Who is the next evil baby tyrant?"
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Optional Images

Title poster #2:

Title poster #2:

Here is an example of another poster image based off of one of our show titles. "Is Nature Man's Greatest Enemy?"
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Comments (4)

  • lori's Photo
    lori h. 0  posted 10 years ago

    poster A, all the stufff coming outta ones brain

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  • Kathy's Photo
    Kathy L. 0  posted 10 years ago

    Voted for A because it seems to portray comedy better than the others.

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  • Sheldon's Photo
    Sheldon O. 0  posted 10 years ago

    I liked poster A, shows all the thoughts that could be???

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  • carly's Photo
    carly t. 0  posted 10 years ago

    cute babies will always get my vote!

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