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Through My Goggles

It's easy to think that you've made a difference. It's all about perception- what you choose to see.

Toronto, ON
4.22 (27)

Week #1 Show Teaser Through My Goggles

Dear Facebook: Wow, a lot of bad stuff happens on our planet. Maybe we should start a group to initiate an outbreak of good deeds! Meeting tonight at Janet's place (pm me for deets.) Let's change the world! Love, Janine #bebetter #change #awareness Likes: 107. Turnout: 6 (7 if you count Janet, who was guilted into hosting).

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Once upon a time, a species called human kind was threatening the existence of the planet called Earth. One young woman, Janine, saw this and realized that something had to be done. She sent out notices via Facebook and Craigslist, calling any like-minded homo-sapiens to join her in an awareness raising conversation. She got 107 likes on her Facebook page, and a number of responses from Craigslist.
Six people showed up to the meeting. (Seven, if you include Janine's older sister, who was guilted into hosting).
This is the slightly biased telling of The Sisters of the Earth's attempts to do what, through their goggles, will change the world.


Naomi Peltz's Profile Image

Naomi Peltz

Writer, Talent

Naomi Peltz was born and bred in Ottawa, Ontario. She fled the coop and flew to Toronto three years ago, and since then has attended and graduated from the Randolph Academy for the Performing Art's college program, written and produced her own play, and appeared on a few stages around the city. She is excited to bring her newest concept, Through My Goggles, to life.

Ali Froggatt's Profile Image

Ali Froggatt

Producer, Talent

Ali is a Toronto based actor, singer, dancer.

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Claire Hunter

Writer, Director

Claire is an actor/musician/writer based in Toronto. She attended the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts where she studied singing, dancing and acting. Claire is super excited to be a part of the Through My Goggles team. For more on Claire's artistic endeavours, visit clairehunter.com, youtube.com/clairehuntermusic

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    carly t.
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    Nina K.
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    You guys are cute :)
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