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Week #2 The Team

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Blackwater Music

Blackwater Music is a dysfunctional music store full of barely functioning idiots.

Toronto, ON
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Week #2 The Team Blackwater Music

We take to the streets to find out what the public thinks of Ryan, Danny and Matt. A more intimate look into who the guys from Blackwater Music really are.

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Dave's Photo
Dave R. 6  posted 9 years ago

Great Video! Excited to see what you do next!

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  • Joe's Photo
    Joe R. 0  posted 8 years ago

    GO MATT G!!!!!!!!!

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  • Cindy's Photo
    Cindy H. 0  posted 8 years ago

    Talented group of guys!

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  • Linda's Photo
    Linda A. 0  posted 8 years ago

    Okay, well these guys are pretty cool. They all do ridiculous stuff, and make it seem quite natural. It can't be easy to portray characters who are a lot less smarter than you are(probably). So there's definite talent. And the lines they deliver can be surprising, so that's good. Also, I like the blonde guy's hair ( I think it's a wig). This has gotta be 100 characters, or whatever.

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  • Barry's Photo
    Barry H. 1  posted 8 years ago

    I'm not sure what you guys were going for with this week's video. It seems like more of the same. Hopefully you guys will come back with a great video next week!

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  • Nicolas's Photo
    Nicolas W. 1  posted 8 years ago

    The right amount of children liking!

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  • peter's Photo
    peter l. 4  posted 8 years ago

    Matt G. for days

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  • Mike's Photo
    Mike S. 2  posted 8 years ago

    Funny stuff.

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  • Dave's Photo
    Dave R. 6  posted 9 years ago

    Great Video! Excited to see what you do next!

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  • Nancy's Photo
    Nancy M. 4  posted 9 years ago

    Blackwater refers to potty mouth too. I do not find profanity funny, there are so many more words in the english language that can express ideas. Get a thesaurus.

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  • Chloe's Photo
    Chloe P. 2  posted 9 years ago

    Lots of fun, excited to see how this project goes!

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  • Robin's Photo
    Robin S. 3  posted 9 years ago


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  • Justine's Photo
    Justine W. 5  posted 9 years ago

    "3 actors I've never seen in a movie but would like to..." *nice one* ;-)

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  • Peter's Photo
    Peter S. 1  posted 9 years ago

    I like that Danny guy for funniness.

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