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Week #1 Show Teaser

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Bollywood North

Fame can be fleeting, especially when you don't know you're not famous.

Toronto, ON
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Week #1 Show Teaser Bollywood North

Former Bollywood actor is preparing to take on North America! Too bad North America doesn't know or care who he is!

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Comments (9)

  • Forman's Photo
    Forman H. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Looks a little thin, are there any other characters? Your one actor is good but is there more?

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  • carly's Photo
    carly t. 0  posted 9 years ago

    not a bad idea but I would have liked to see more than just a montage for week one.

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  • kirk's Photo
    kirk l. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Love the concept. Hope to see as many Bollywood elements worked in to contrast to the characteristics of the Great White North. Hope this is more about the blending of two cultures rather than a 'fish-out-of-water' style story. Good luck!

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  • Christina's Photo
    Christina N. 0  posted 9 years ago

    This is great!

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  • Tony's Photo
    Tony D. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Can't wait to see more!!

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  • Dennis's Photo
    Dennis H. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Looks good, can hardly wait to see it!

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  • Amanda's Photo
    Amanda B. 0  posted 9 years ago


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  • Darcy's Photo
    Darcy F. 0  posted 9 years ago

    I'm interested to see more.

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  • Matthew's Photo
    Matthew M. 0  posted 9 years ago

    Great minds must think alike, my project is Hollywood North. I liked your teaser, looking forward to seeing more! Cheers!

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