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The Rugburns

Bringing you stories you didn't even know you were interested in.

Vancouver, BC
7.12 (150)

Week #1 Show Teaser The Rugburns

A snapshot into what Jeff M Rugburn finds interesting. Hes going to show it to you. Even if you want to see it..

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Jeff M. Rugburn. You don't know him yet but if he has his way, one day you will. You see, Jeff makes documentaries. Not about the usual things people care about like history, current affairs or politics. No, he wants to show you big foot hunters, swindling gypsies and all the other weirdos who turn crazy when the moon is full.
Jeff's goal is to become the next big name in the documentary game and he'll do what it takes to get there. Armed with his abrasive personality and loyal camera man, he'll brave the toughest interviews, explore strange locations and hose down the dirty underbelly of society.
Wherever unusual lurks, Jeff Rugburn will be there to get in it's face and put it on film.


William Rowan's Profile Image

William Rowan

Writer, Director

A writer and director. Some say "a goliath of modern comedy". Others say "go away, your breath smells"

My mother once told me i could do anything. My mother was a god damn liar. She should have told me, "William, you can't fly, and if you jump out that second story window you'll break your leg" And kill the neighbours cat "Mister Pearl" in the process. I still cant fly.

Chris Maheux's Profile Image

Chris Maheux

Director, Director of Photography

In the last few years I've worked on a number of sketches, short films, music videos and TV programs in just about every possible role. When not working on my own projects, I tend to be seen portraying crazy characters in other films or reassuring the public, "No need to call the police, we are just filming a movie".

Imelda Dooley's Profile Image

Imelda Dooley

Talent, Producer

For the past 2 years, I've been helping produce and act in sketch shows primarily comedy related, that are so underground, nobody's even heard of them.

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Reviews (34)

  • JP's Photo

    JP R.
    posted 9 years ago

    Good stuff.
  • Tamara's Photo

    Tamara C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Its hillarious! I love it!
  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 9 years ago

    Good, there's potential here, I did laugh a bit
  • Mercedes's Photo

    Mercedes F.
    posted 9 years ago

    Loved it and all the different characters cant wait for more
  • Olaf's Photo

    Olaf V.
    posted 9 years ago

    Thought you guys were funny and not sure if it has television potential but wish you well in the efforts it takes to get there.
  • Pete's Photo

    Pete C.
    posted 9 years ago

    I really like what you guys are doing, I wanna see more!!! Its definitely getting my top vote. Fingers crossed for top 50 :-)
  • michelle's Photo

    michelle K.
    posted 9 years ago

    I love cash humour!!! :-)
  • elliot's Photo

    elliot s.
    posted 9 years ago

    Hilarious characters, can't wait to see the story arc
  • siobhan's Photo

    siobhan m.
    posted 9 years ago

    Love it!!
  • Liam's Photo

    Liam Q.
    posted 9 years ago

    10/10, funniest shit I've seen since I had curry and corn for dinner
  • Nate's Photo

    Nate B.
    posted 9 years ago

    I like the concept.
  • carly's Photo

    carly t.
    posted 9 years ago

    neat idea.
  • Maeve's Photo

    Maeve O.
    posted 9 years ago

    Very funny. Nice to see Irish doing well :)
  • siobhan's Photo

    siobhan d.
    posted 9 years ago

    Very entertaining and true to life
  • denise's Photo

    denise d.
    posted 9 years ago

    best ever, very funny
  • nap's Photo

    nap f.
    posted 9 years ago

  • Joseph's Photo

    Joseph C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Hilarious and well scripted! Could adjust some lighting levels but the show is great! Def ones to watch for!
  • Mark's Photo

    Mark B.
    posted 9 years ago

    great stuff!
  • Deirdre's Photo

    Deirdre M.
    posted 9 years ago

    Funny! Great characters!
  • Randall's Photo

    Randall R.
    posted 9 years ago

    Sorry.. still not interested.
  • Alison's Photo

    Alison S.
    posted 9 years ago

    Fast paced and irreverent.... Love the concept and the humor! Anything that involves cats being interviewed.... You got me :-)
  • Da's Photo

    Da H.
    posted 9 years ago

    to funny :)
  • John Sonal's Photo

    John Sonal K.
    posted 9 years ago

  • Rebecca's Photo

    Rebecca R.
    posted 9 years ago

    You guys craic me up! Wishing ye all the best x
  • Trevor's Photo

    Trevor C.
    posted 9 years ago

    Great work guys, very good
  • Sharon's Photo

    Sharon D.
    posted 9 years ago

  • andy's Photo

    andy m.
    posted 9 years ago

    Never knew an Irishman could be funny !
  • Mike's Photo

    Mike r.
    posted 9 years ago

    great video, keep it up!
  • Jason's Photo

    Jason F.
    posted 9 years ago

    I like the premise looking forward to more great work you ppl!
  • stephen's Photo

    stephen b.
    posted 9 years ago

    very funny show had me in stitches
  • Marquise's Photo

    Marquise B.
    posted 9 years ago

    It didn't appeal to me. I was lost. I don't understand the exact concept of it.
  • siobhan's Photo

    siobhan G.
    posted 9 years ago

    Hilarious. Go on the boys!
  • Padraig's Photo

    Padraig K.
    posted 9 years ago

    great stuff, keep up the good work!
  • Kyle's Photo

    Kyle G.
    posted 9 years ago

    Neat, original idea, reminds me a bit of Pink Panther if Peter Sellers was angry a lot.
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