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An optometrist has a change of heart when she realizes she wasn't following her passion: comedy.

Winnipeg, MB
6.81 (175)

Week #1 Show Teaser Hindsight

Rachel, a funny girl who did the sensible thing by becoming an optometrist, decides to follow her passion and pursue stand-up comedy. Along the way she encounters hilarious pitfalls and embarrassing setbacks as her two worlds--optometry and comedy--conflict with each other on her journey to self-discovery.

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Rachel, in a ‘Mom approved’ choice, spent the last 8 years becoming an optometrist. When she realizes her passion is comedy, she tries to break into the stand-up comedy scene. While trying to juggle her day job, her aspirations as a comedian, and her new boyfriend, Rachel is determined to figure out who she really is. She decides to tackle her overbearing mother's advice head-on, one at a time, with hilarious results. HINDSIGHT follows Rachel's journey to reach the dizzying heights of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Along the way we encounter a heckler determined to mould Rachel into a better comedian, suspicious dealings with a Hutterite and the inappropriate dropping of a contact lens.


Rachel Sommer's Profile Image

Rachel Sommer

Writer, Talent

Comic by night, optometrist by day, Winnipeg’s Dr. Rachel Sommer has been spreading both laughter and moderately improved eyesight around Manitoba. Rachel started comedy in Australia winning comedy competitions and People’s Choice Awards at Fringe Festivals. And as expected, Rachel has been privy to many perks such as lower priced car rentals. www.rachelsommer.ca

Eric Warwaruk's Profile Image

Eric Warwaruk

Director, Writer

Eric Warwaruk has been directing for the past 7 years and writing ever since he could pick up a pen. He writes, produces, and directs his own projects, which have ranged from drama to film noir to comedy. He also enjoys collaborating with other talented writers, actors and creatives.

Stephanie Blanchette's Profile Image

Stephanie Blanchette

Showrunner, Producer

Stephanie is a born stage manager; she enjoys telling people what to do. She brought to life dinner theatre parodies: Mulligan's Island, Faith's of Luther County, Without a Clue and Spikey’s Points (a children's musical about a walking talking singing porcupine). Her specialty is taking complete chaos and organizing it with the fine tuning of a perfectionist with OCD.

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Reviews (27)

  • Alekxandra's Photo

    Alekxandra L.
    posted 10 years ago

    Could be cute. Sweet and endearing character. Reminds me of the Mindy Project but much more understated.
  • Craig's Photo

    Craig H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Rachel Sommer is a hilarious funny woman based out of Winnipeg, MB! She'll definitely be 1... or 2 ...
  • Karen's Photo

    Karen M.
    posted 10 years ago

    A clever new concept with witty & charming characters.
  • Vince's Photo

    Vince T.
    posted 10 years ago

    Wow, what an original idea! And Rachel, nothing's wrong with wearing a slip. :-) I hope there won't be hyperventilating throughout the whole first season! Hahahaha!
  • Matthew's Photo

    Matthew B.
    posted 10 years ago

    14/20 vision
  • amanda's Photo

    amanda d.
    posted 10 years ago

    I think this could be super funny. Good work
  • Erica's Photo

    Erica S.
    posted 10 years ago

    Great! Always follow your mother's advise!
  • Mark's Photo

    Mark E.
    posted 10 years ago

    i like it! Dry. :)
  • Tobie's Photo

    Tobie P.
    posted 10 years ago

    Optometrist comedy.
  • Tim's Photo

    Tim T.
    posted 10 years ago

    I like the team up and the potential for the type of comedy that comes from said team-up.
  • justine's Photo

    justine c.
    posted 10 years ago

    i love Winnipeg!
  • Amie's Photo

    Amie Z.
    posted 10 years ago

    Good stuff!
  • brenda's Photo

    brenda p.
    posted 10 years ago

    seems legit
  • Murray's Photo

    Murray H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Not a show that hold my attention
  • Kevin's Photo

    Kevin S.
    posted 10 years ago

    Not offensive like some. Not many laughs. The girl character is cute but it moves too slow to be funny.
  • David's Photo

    David C.
    posted 10 years ago

    Parts of the trailer really worked for me, others not so much. Think this has potential though!
  • Kyle's Photo

    Kyle C.
    posted 10 years ago

    Love it! A fantastic juxtaposition where straight-laced-deadpan meets whimsical...
  • Krista's Photo

    Krista K.
    posted 10 years ago

    Seems like you've got a concept you can grow with here... but I think there's room for more funny.
  • Stuart's Photo

    Stuart H.
    posted 10 years ago

    Super funny! Would like to see more!
  • Ian's Photo

    Ian S.
    posted 10 years ago

    Funny trailer ...looking forward to the rest. Nice job!!
  • Darlene's Photo

    Darlene S.
    posted 10 years ago

    Really enjoyed the premier and had lots of laughs.
  • Greg's Photo

    Greg S.
    posted 10 years ago

    I wanna see more!
    Oh wait, look how that works
  • Lisa's Photo

    Lisa H.
    posted 10 years ago

  • Bonnie's Photo

    Bonnie C.
    posted 10 years ago

    I really like the concept of Mother's Advice, very original. I like Rachel's vibe.
    I would like to find out more about her. I like that Rachel is following her
  • Lilian's Photo

    Lilian B.
    posted 10 years ago

    A very refreshing and creative storyline! I would love to see more!
  • Dineen's Photo

    Dineen P.
    posted 10 years ago

    Hilariously Awesome!
  • Marquise's Photo

    Marquise B.
    posted 10 years ago

    Can be a fun comedy to watch if they get creative. The concept is new.
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