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Friends... and the shit you do for them. #ThatsaHomeboy

Toronto, ON
4.63 (48)

Week #1 Show Teaser #ThatsaHomeboy

Friends... and the sh*t you do for them.

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From helping them move to helping them puke, #Thatsahomeboy is about friends and the sh*t you do for them. Set in the centre of the universe (Toronto), #Thatsahomeboy stumbles from bar to bar downing lessons of camaraderie with craft beer and toasted nuts. Fast paced and packed with below the belt punch lines, this sitcom is the party and the hangover, the lay and the regret. This is the show that waits while you get checked for STIs, that picks you up at the airport with a sign that reads "Dick Muncher". This is the show for homeboys by their very own, cuz, well, #ThatsaHomeboy.


Hamza Adam's Profile Image

Hamza Adam

Writer, Producer

A graduate of Studio 58, Hamza has worked on stage and screen from Shakespeare to Sci-Fi tv, and has won awards for acting and improv. He's stoked to be a part of Comedy Coup, and looks forward to your chuckles and boos. And he'd like to say "whaddup mom."

Matt Hotson's Profile Image

Matt Hotson

Director, Production Manager

A graduate of York University's film production program, Matt has spent the last few years directing commercials and wondering why everyone in the film industry takes themselves so seriously. He signed up for ComedyCoup because Hamza promised him free Taco Bell.

Andre Rehal's Profile Image

Andre Rehal

Director, Producer

Andre Rehal is a freelance director based out of Toronto. His work features range in various digital mediums, shooting styles and genres.Currently, Andre is working in the mediums of short film, music video, and viral commercials. He has directed many music videos and worked with artists such as Maestro Fresh Wes, Kardinal Offishall, Rich Kidd and Lord Quest.

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  • Leigh's Photo

    Leigh R.
    posted 10 years ago

    This looks great!
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