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The Dim Reaper

When the Grim Reaper dies on the job, a (highly unqualified) regular Joe must take his place. Egads!

Surrey, BC
6.59 (63)

Week #1 Show Teaser The Dim Reaper

Written and Directed by David Manuel Produced by Graham Myers and David Manuel Starring Graham Myers and Sam Mitchell Featuring Rhett Spencer, Deb Solberg, Alex Parra, Andrew Job, Mikaela Osmak, David Manuel, Vladimir Fedulov, and Nate Kelly. DP: Brandon Lee AD: Mikaela Osmak AC: Joel Salaysay Sound: Vladimir Fedulov, Artur Leppert, Quinn Spicker Grip: Julia Lank Make Up: Dawn Hall

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Meet Joe. He's the new Death. Not by choice, mind you, but by contractual obligation. Why? Let's just say the original Grim Reaper had a few too many before his visit with Joe and... had a bad fall. Talk about FALLing victim to your job.

It turns out Death wasn't as immortal as we all thought! Lo and behold, Joe must become the new Grim Reaper.

Or, in his case, more like the Dim Reaper.

This is the story of Joe and his new life as the new Death. It's a little dark, but you'll laugh anyways. We hope.

The tone of the show will be heavily influenced by the comedic tones of works like Seven Psychopaths, Louie, Family Guy, Derek, and The Wolf of Wall Street.


David Manuel's Profile Image

David Manuel

Showrunner, Director

David Manuel is an Independent Filmmaker and Improviser based in Vancouver. He's an SFU Film Grad, Leo Award nominee, and all around humble guy.

Like, he feels bad to mention that his films have played worldwide and won some awards, including four awards at the Surrey International Film Festival, including Best Film and Best Director.

He laughs at the wrong times.

Mikaela Osmak's Profile Image

Mikaela Osmak

Marketing / Social, Assistant Director

Growing up, my parents figured me for a nurse or a lawyer. They figured wrong. I ended up with a "World Literature" degree and certificates in "Being Dramatic" and "Liking All Things Artsy Fartsy... Film Included".
My days involve coffee and marketing. My nights involve improvising and the pub. My dreams involve sloths and the Millennium Falcon. My life involves comedy.

Graham Myers's Profile Image

Graham Myers

Producer, Actor

Graham Myers is the Artistic Coordinator of Terry Fox Theatre as well as Owner and Artistic Director of Second Storey Theatre and a founding member of table23 Comedy established in 1999.

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Ratings (63)

Average 6.59 / 10
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Reviews (8)

  • Sheldon's Photo

    Sheldon O.
    posted 10 years ago

    Good little teaser, makes me want to see more
  • Allan's Photo

    Allan C.
    posted 10 years ago

    TWISTED! This is the funniest one I've watched yet. Love the concept .I'll follow this one.Rock on !!
  • Emanuel's Photo

    Emanuel F.
    posted 10 years ago

    A very clever story line :)
  • Rowan's Photo

    Rowan W.
    posted 10 years ago

    Looks completely ridiculous. Into it!
  • James's Photo

    James L.
    posted 10 years ago

    Great job! The pee joke killed me. Little awkward at the end.
  • Marquise's Photo

    Marquise B.
    posted 10 years ago

    I would've like to see more of the regular joe reaper to see the comedy in the concept.
  • Julia's Photo

    Julia L.
    posted 10 years ago

    Tons of potential for shenanigans.
  • Erik's Photo

    Erik J.
    posted 10 years ago

    Good idea for a pilot, this is a project that can go pretty much anywhere. Simple, funny concept.
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